Thursday, 15 May 2014

WWT Slimbridge....27/03/2014

I am playing catch up again!

27th March.
I was fortunate to have been present at Slimbridge on the morning of the health check for the Caribbean Flamingos. I was told that it had been 3 (or maybe 4 years ) since the last check that they have to do on the Flamingos. The birds were handled very well which ensured they stayed as calm as could be expected. It was weird seeing them carried, most had to have their beaks held shut for obvious reasons!

These were my first of the year Mallard family. There were 12 cute Ducklings.

The following day (28th) was spent at at Cotswold Water Park. It was mind boggling the size of the Water Park which is why only one area was explored and it was where I saw my first of the year Sand martins and in all honesty not much else after a good walk! At least a couple of days is needed here to do the area justice.
The view from the hotel room was pretty good though!

The Shelducks at Slimbridge were amusing when the females were being territorial!

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