Wednesday, 30 July 2014

A weekend in Northumberland....19th-21st June 2014.

My posts are almost as rare as the delightful Snowdon Lily! So time to catch up again!

Visiting the Farne Islands was the main reason for the trip to Northumberland. I had booked Serenity Farne Islands Boat Tours (highly recommended) and a B&B in Seahouses a few weeks previous to travelling so all that was needed was good weather! The weather was fortunately good for the whole of the weekend! The tour around the Islands was amazing with all the sights, sounds and smell of the nesting seabirds! The history of the Islands was interesting to hear about as we toured the Islands. Once on Inner Farne the Terns did what we were told they would do and that was to dive bomb you as you walked by them, strange that they are not unduly perturbed at such close encounters with humans. A stroke of luck was hearing that a Bridled Tern had been found on the Island that very day (thought to be the same bird that had arrived there July 1st 2013), good scope views were had of the Bridled Tern for a couple of minutes before all the Terns lifted in to the air, then it was time to board the boat for the return journey. How lucky to have been one of the first visitors to see the returning Bridled Tern.

The nesting seabirds were a treat to see with close up views of many of the species. It was a great weekend and hopefully a return visit sometime in the future will be on the cards.

I will let the images do the talking now.

Longstone Lighthouse

Me trying to avoid being pecked on my way back from the loo!

Common Spotted Orchid. Hauxley Nature Reserve.

Northern Marsh Orchid. Hauxley Nature Reserve.

Bamburgh Castle in the mist.
Poppies at Seahouses.

Little and Large. Seahouses.

Eiders. Beadnell.

River Coquet Estuary.

Northumberland...... a magical county!


  1. Some fine pictures of an area I used to know well when I worked as a walks leader. I always used to try to arrange a trip out to the Farnes too. This involved making a phone call to Billy Sheils, a man with the most impenetrable Northumbrian accent. I used to tell him how many would be in the party and what time we would arrive, but then I could never make out what he said in reply. Thus I always approached Seahouses harbour with a degree of uncertainty! He never let us down though.

    1. Your comments made me laugh John! I am pleased to have brought some happy memories back for you!

  2. Wow!!!!
    Amazing photo's Pam, lovely to see the Farnes again and how lucky you were re the Bridled Tern!
    All your pics are wonderful to see......not to mention you running the gauntlet from the loo!! lol...I'm a sucker for a red Poppy and love your scenic view of them..
    Hopefully we'll get back there ourselves one of these days.

    1. Thanks for your kind comments Ruth.
      The Poppies were in a garden of a house that is next to the car park at Seahouses. I took a photo the previous evening at dusk and thought it was atmospheric but I preferred the daytime image...more of a summery feel to!