Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Nene and Natterjack!....18th-19th August 2014.

A couple of days were enjoyed at and around Slimbridge with our eldest Grandson (5) who enjoyed his first visit to the Wetlands Reserve and also testing out his new RSPB binoculars. We were very lucky weather wise having to only run for cover once and even then we enjoyed viewing the Greater Flamingos whilst sitting inside the new sunken observatory! A great addition to the reserve.

A few grateful recipients of the bird seed purchased from the Visitor centre.
Little and Large. :-)
Moorhens aplenty around the reserve.

The Bewick's Swan is one of I believe 6 Bewick's that are now resident and as such part of the Collection now, due I believe to their inability to return to their breeding grounds.
I was just a little surprised when our Grandson asked what the different Swan was called, though I shouldn't have been too surprised as he has for a long time now had a great interest in nature and is always asking questions. As he had been seeing Mute Swans regularly at a local pool we frequent he knew the Bewick's were different. His observation skills are good.

Nene Geese,  Greylag Geese and Jackdaws were seen numerous times throughout the day. I felt that there didn't seem as many 'Captive' species seen as we walked around, though maybe they were in hiding with so much vegetation to secret themselves away in.
An interesting talk about salamanders, exotic frogs and newts was given in Toad Hall and afterwards children and adults were invited to hold a Salamander and Natterjack Toad. It would have been rude to refuse the invitation! Great fun!

 Pond Dipping
We found Damselfly Larvae, Water snails, Sticklebacks and Water Boatmen!
A good variety of homes for insects.

Views from the Sloane Severn View Observation tower.

Gloucester-Sharpness Canal.
A great couple of days was enjoyed at WWT Slimbridge seeing captive and wild birds, having fun in Welly boot land and the play area, seeing the Otters and learning about them. So many highlights, roll on the next visit!


  1. Nice to read of your latest nature trip Pam!
    It's great to get the kids involved, they love it don't they and so much better for them than tv / tablets etc!

  2. I am pleased you enjoyed the read and thanks for your comments Ruth.

    I agree it is great getting the youngsters involved and when they show a lot of interest it is even more heartening!