Thursday, 1 January 2015

First bird sighting of 2015!

My first bird sighting of 2015 and the accolade goes to....a Robin and a Dunnock! They were almost side by side on my lawn this morning and just visible as it was a very overcast start to the day. A Blackbird took 2nd place and a Magpie 3rd place! My last bird sighting of 2014 was a Woodpigeon!


  1. Its a start Pam. I had a flock of c.40 Lapwing wheeling about over Harvington this afternoon

    I've returned to the world of blogging by the way. Check out my new wildlife blog at:

    Cheers Jason

    1. Great to hear of the Lapwings Jason, I rarely see one locally!

      Good luck with your new blog, I am sure it will be an interesting read!

      All the best