Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Tavira, Algarve , Portugal....7th-14th March 2015

A welcome sunshine break from the seemingly never ending grey days in the UK was enjoyed in Tavira in the Algarve, Portugal. Warm/hot sunshine every day and some super birds seen during the week's holiday.
Prior to the holiday I had booked a day with birding tour guides June Taylor and Peter Dedicoat: http://www.algarvebirders.com/
Once again we had a fantastic day's birding with them. Our previous day out with them had been in 2013 to Doñana in Spain, this time we  headed to the North of the Algarve to the Baixo Alentejo. http://www.algarvebirders.com/section162590_48969.html

A few pics of a wonderful day in the Alentejo!

Great Spotted Cuckoo

We saw several  G S Cuckoo's during the day!

Southern Grey Shrike

Corn Bunting

Red-rumped Swallows

The best views we have ever had of this species.
 Spanish Sparrows

The Spanish Sparrows very often nest in White Storks nests.

 White Storks nesting in a tree commune!
Great Bustards!

The absolute highlight of the whole day and holiday was seeing c130 Great and Little Bustards during the day at various locations in the Alentejo.

Whilst watching a flock of 30+ ambling about they suddenly took flight! The reason being an adult Spanish Imperial Eagle had arrived on the scene and was later joined by an immature Spanish Imperial Eagle! They were soon to be mobbed by a Common Buzzard and a Red Kite!

Sorry, no pics! What a sight to see, too good to miss by taking a photo, to be honest I was enjoying the few minutes we had them all in view too much to even think of a photo! Black-bellied Sandgrouse also took to the air whilst the Eagles were around.

To be continued:


  1. A nice read Pam , those Bustards must have been quite a sight when they suddenly took to the air!
    Lovely to see some blue skies, in your pics, I especially like the Shrike & Cuckoo images!
    Just seen my first 2 Swallows of the "Summer".....in a hail storm!!!! lol
    Lets hope we'll all see some blue skies over the Easter weekend!

  2. Thanks Ruth!

    A great sighting for you Ruth, no UK Swallows for me yet! You have to feel for those already here and enduring the strong winds and heavy showers!
    Yes, fingers crossed here for decent weather over Easter.

    Enjoy whatever the weather!

  3. The cuckoo is a fascintating bird with its archaeopteryx looking tail!

  4. Your comment has had me doing a bit of 'googling' Simon! Fascinating indeed!