Friday, 10 April 2015

Tavira...bits and bobs!

Numerous Swallowtail butterflies were on the wing but not many perched long enough for a photo to be taken. This particular Swallowtail was attracted to the aromatic Lantana flowers which gave me the chance of good views of it and a welcome photo opportunity.
An Egyptian Grasshopper enjoying the warm sunshine.

A Chiffchaff that was busy seeking insects in the tree.....I like the colours in the image, to be truthful I was on the wrong side of the sun but I am pleased nonetheless with the result.

One of many fields seen of Crown Daisies that seemed to go on and on and on and............
There are four insects on this Crown Daisy flower head. Rich pickings for the local Passerines in the fields of Daisies!

A lone Yellow Lupin flower head.
In the Alentejo fields full of these lupins were a delight to see.

This is a flower stalk/spike of an Agave plant. It is commonly called a Swan's Neck Agave or Century Plant. As you can see it is overhanging into the road and thankfully it is not damaged by cars that park underneath it!
  This second plant is further down the road and in the same garden as the plant above. An awesome looking plant, just a pity the plant dies once the flower spike has expired but it does produce new plants from side shoots.


Tavira is a lovely old town which stands on either side of the river Gilao. Its two halves are connected by a roman bridge.

On the top of an old water tower you can enjoy a rather different view of Tavira courtesy of the 'Camera Obscura'. It is a mirror and two lenses which project a live image of Tavira inside the tower onto a big screen and it revolves around 360° to give a view around the whole town. There is someone giving a 'guided tour' as it revolves so you know what you are seeing. A fascinating experience and a good way of utilising a defunct water tower.


The end of it's seaworthiness for this boat or could it be renovated? Whatever, I think it makes a lovely photo!
The view from my sun lounger! (I wish I was still lying there)

The only common crane I I took a pic!

As Bugs Bunny would say 'That's all folks'
Oh, and many thanks for stopping by my blog.


  1. Catching up with your blog is failing to warm me up Pam, despite your wonderful sunny images.....that Swallowtail is really beautiful & I also like the artistic Chiffchaff picture....very clever!
    A Cuckoo has been reported locally so might pop out later......if it ever stops raining that is!!!!

  2. Did it stop raining and did you catch up with that Cuckoo Ruth?

  3. Yes it did eventually Pam, tho not for long & it's raining again this morning! lol
    No Cuckoo but we did see a lovely Black Tern on a local fishing pool.....will send you a pic!

  4. Chuffed for you seeing a Black Tern Ruth! They are a delight to see!