Sunday, 24 January 2016

A Drummer in the Woodland! 23/01/2016

The 'Drummer' was a Great Spotted Woodpecker I heard several times on my walk in and around Bunkers Hill Wood. I was surprised to hear the drumming so early in the year but given the 'average' warmer temperatures the last few months not too surprising I suppose. I managed to capture the drumming on a video whilst filming (poorly) a Song Thrush working it's way through the leaf litter. The Song Thrush was most confiding as was a female blackbird I watched also working through the leaf litter earlier on my walk, they were too busy feeding to take too much notice of me and I didn't get too close I hasten to add.

I added Jay to my 2016 list today, there were at least 5 flitting through the trees and making their harsh alarm call! A couple of Ravens were a treat to see and hear, one was calling as I arrived and  was putting my boots on, a good start to my walk! Other highlight species seen were Chaffinch, Greenfinch, Goldfinch, Goldcrest, Blue & Great Tit, Robin, Skylark, Fieldfare, Redwing,  a few 'small' Starling flocks passed overhead several times, Buzzard and a Nuthatch were heard only. I was hoping for a Yellowhammer sighting here but sadly not today, I shall keep on looking.

Bracket Fungi was to be seen on many of the Silver Birch trees and also plenty of Lichen.

Up, up and away! There were 2 Ravens passing overhead. Superb sightings!


Despite several of these signs along the paths they do not 'cut any ice' with some folk as the evidence was sadly quite clear to see!


  1. I heard a drumming Woody a couple of weeks ago but wasn't able to catch sight of it let alone take a photograph. We have similarly inconsiderate dog walkers around here.

  2. Stunning aerial view on your home page Pam!
    Nice shots of Ravens too, coincidentally I've just seen a pair through the front window high over the woods, always love to watch them, they nest locally on top of old industrial buildings.
    Don't get me started on dog's a real problem here too, you spend more time looking down than up!!!!

  3. Many thanks John and Ruth for your comments.

    I cannot understand dog walkers taking a bag for the 'offending material' and then throwing it up or into a tree or around the hedgerows! Much better to leave the rain to dispose of it perhaps then have coloured bags hanging 'literally' around for goodness knows how long! Rant over!