Friday, 19 February 2016

A surprise garden visitor! 18/02/2016

I was surprised and delighted to see a female Siskin in my garden! I just about managed a photo before a Coal Tit chased it off!

My last record of them was in March 2014. I do a weekly BTO Garden Birdwatch which helps the BTO and myself to keep a track of what is present in my garden and locally.

A Sparrowhawk visit shortly afterwards did not go unnoticed by me as I watched it fly swiftly in to the garden and promptly perch in an apple tree! A female Bullfinch on a feeder was oblivious as she stayed feeding whilst the male Bullfinch fled in to conifer trees and was well hidden! The Sparrowhawk soon left the garden without prey!
I have this Winter missed seeing a Blackcap in my garden. Up until now this is the first Winter without a record of  them. There is still time I suppose.


  1. Only 1 Blackcap sighting here on December 11th Pam, how lovely for you to have a Siskin instead though.
    That's a super shot of a very menacing looking Sparrowhawk, glad the Bullfinch was ok!

  2. As ever, the eyes on a sparrowhawk are rather chilling.

  3. I was feeling very apprehensive for the Bullfinch Ruth! Fortunately she lived to feed another day! She has visited today inn fact with her 'other half'!

    Chilling indeed and enchanting at the same time Si!

    Thanks Ruth and Si for your kind comments.!