Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Garden visitors.

I have recently been plagued by a visiting Grey Heron that appears to have eaten several of the small fish I bought last year! Only a single, very old and very large Ghost Koi is visible at present! I am hoping the smaller fish are in the depths of the pond out of harms way but I fear this will not be the case. The pond is netted throughout the year but this year there has been a small section by a new waterfall that is not as secure! The pond is doubly reinforced now so hopefully the heron will give up and move on elsewhere, I fear this will also not be the case!
I honestly have nothing against the Herons but I just wish they would visit a reserve, park lake or bigger pond for their meal and leave my small pond alone!!!

Gotcha!!! I am sure the Heron thought it was inconspicuous!

Surely it will not attempt to get past the string and netting

It did as you can see! I had to shoo it off at this point!

Getting ready for another assault on my pond!

The launch!

I have had the pleasure of seeing this Wren recently in my garden, it has leucistic feathering on it's head. I think it look's quite pretty and certainly noticeable!

Not in my garden (I wish) but I thought I would add a few pics of  Yellow and Pied Wagtails I have seen on a recent local walk.

I was pleased to manage to get 2 in one pic....delightful little birds.



  1. Gorgeous collection of pics, with the heron and the wren you have the long and short of it!

    1. Thank you Si!

      I hadn't thought of the long and short of it.:-)

  2. I take pity on the wren with the white feathers on its head - same thing's happened to me! I see very few Yellow Wagtails in this area so nice to see your shots.

    1. Ha ha! You are not on your own John!;-)

      I was pleased to see one Yellow Wagtail, it's mate was a bonus!

      I am off to the Isle of Mull for a week hoping to see some nice wildlife! Pics will be posted on my return if I am lucky!

  3. Your Heron is certainly determined isn't he? Hope your fish are hiding safely at the bottom Pam? Luckily the Heron doesn't care much for my nature pond as I've no fish in it, tho I'm sure he takes his fair share of my Frogs instead!

  4. The pond is still quiet so I am not holding out much hope for the small fish added last year Ruth! The Ghost Koi is still hanging on in there! I hope you have loads of tadpoles to make up for the loss of a few frogs!!