Monday, 23 May 2016

Loch Lomond - Oban - Isle of Mull! 15th-24th April 2016

Ye'll tak' the high road

and I'll tak the low road 

 And I'll be in Loch Lomond afore ye!

I know I have changed the lyrics but it fits the bill!

Loch Lomond is 39km long or 24 miles in old money and so breathtakingly picturesque! Given more time it would have been good to have taken in the scenery on one of the cruises on the Loch.

The weather was shall we say a little overcast on arrival though it brightened considerably later in the day.
Sunrise the following morning was a treat to watch as the sunlight slowly filtered over the Loch.

A few images of the 'wildlife' seen on what was too short a visit to loch Lomond.

A pair of Red-breasted Mergansers were spotted on the Loch early morning.
A few images taken on the way to Oban for the ferry over to the Isle of  Mull!

A few images taken at Oban whilst patiently and excitedly waiting for the Ferry!

Black Guillemot.....a few on the water were a welcome sighting!

From the ferry!

Almost there!

To be continued.


  1. A great start to your Mull post Pam!
    Love those views, snow capped mountains & a super pic of a Tystie too!

  2. I thought I had better get cracking with my Mull post before the year ends Ruth. lol

    Thank you for your kind comments. :-)