Sunday, 29 May 2016

Up the Ladder to the Roof...

You would need a good head for heights and nerves of steel to climb this ladder!
Spotted in Tobermory. The Church is called The Old Church.

Going up....

and up....
and up....
Made it!
Lyrics from the Supremes song Up the Ladder to the Roof spring to mind!

Don't you wanna go...
Up the ladder to the roof
Where we can see heaven much better
Up the ladder where we can be closer to heaven!


  1. If it's that tough to get to heaven I may not bother.

  2. Jacob's ladder. nd no way would I ever climb that!

  3. It made me feel giddy just looking at it Si! Maybe lyrics from a 'Genesis' song would have been more appropriate. :-)

  4. Wow, what a precarious looking ladder, no way would you get me up there!!! lol

  5. Precarious is an understatement Ruth!!lol