Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Climb Every Mountain...Snowdon!!! 3rd-6th August 2016.

Climb every mountain or as in this case, let the train take the strain!

A few days were recently spent in Llanberis, Snowdonia...and what a wonderfully scenic area it is too!

This was one of the views from the Hotel which is situated in Snowdonia National Park and a minutes walk from the Snowdon Railway Station.....handy or what. ;-)


A short drive away is Beddgelert, a small village in the Snowdonia area of Gwynedd. A popular area for tourists judging by the amount of people. The walk alongside the River Glaslyn was enjoyable though sunshine would have been most welcomed, however it did not rain!


                                                                       River Glaslyn                                           




A legendary dog alleged to have belonged to LLywelyn the Great, Prince of Gwynedd.

Here is his story:

St Marys Church
Storm clouds on the horizon! Luckily they passed by without a drop of rain!

This cyclist certainly caught the eye of passersby.  Clever advertising!

 On the way back to LLanberis a few pit stops were made to enjoy the views.

                                                                A lonely looking tree!

Can you spot the climber?
Llanberis Lake Railway.

It was an enjoyable ride on the train though I have to say that if there had been commentary on the journey around the Lake it would have been in my opinion an asset.
                                                            Llanberis Slate Mine


Dolbadarn Castle, Llanberis
This walk was a delightful if somewhat short woodland walk with some scenic views along the way and a Speckled Wood butterfly was a welcome sight on what had been an almost bird free walk if it had not been for a Collared Dove!

Snowdon and Snowdon Mountain Railway.

An exciting and scenic journey on the way to the summit of Snowdon!

Lone walkers, walkers with dogs, couples and families with young children making their way up to the summit! If I had had a hat on I would have 'taken my hat off to them' ! As you can imagine it was not a walk in the park!
Hebron Station passing loop
Going a little misty!

                                         Nearly there.  Just 200 metres to the summit!

                                         A few gulls (Herring?) waited patiently at the summit for a morsel or two but by the look of some of the climbers they were in more need of sustenance than the gulls!

                                                                Trig point.
                                 Well done to all who made the journey on foot. You have my upmost respect!

My thanks for helpful information given to me go to my friend Ruth who having herself made this trip a couple of weeks previously inspired me to spend a few days in beautiful and scenic North Wales!!

Images added of  the climber and his whereabouts in the photo.! I wonder how many visitors to my blog managed to spot the climber? lol




  1. So nice to re-live our journey to the summit again via your splendid photo's Pam, I see the cloud descended on you too at the top! lol
    I'm pleased that you enjoyed your summer break in Llanberis, stunning scenery isn't it.....& no I can't see the climber! lol

  2. Thanks for your comments Ruth!

    It was a most enjoyable summer break, good to do something different from trying to see/find birds at this time of the year!

  3. lol, yes spotted him now!!
    It's amazing the sights you do see, we saw a lady walking up in a bikini & sandals!!

  4. Goodness me, bikini & sandals!! I am not sure whether to say she was brave or stupid...the latter methinks! It was noticeable the amount of shorts and t-shirts wearers though most at the summit had sensibly adorned themselves with waterproofs and fleeces!

    1. Yes, definitely the latter!
      My claim to fame is that as it was 31c I've stood on top of Snowdon in a T shirt, shorts.......& walking boots!! lol