Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Out and about in and near Maccynleth, Powys. 1st & 2nd July 2016.

1st July.

First stop was the Dyfi Osprey Project to check out the Ospreys and new Observatory. The observatory is a splendid structure and a much welcome addition to this reserve. Good to have a different perspective of the Osprey nest.
Sadly one of the 2 chicks, Ceri,  died on the 20th July after falling from a perch on her first night spent out of the nest after taking to the air just two days before. Ceri was just 54 days old. The remaining chick Tegid is doing well and getting stronger in readiness for his epic journey by the end of August! I wish him a safe migration!
Water Buffalo lazily graze!

Fortunately a Common Lizard put in an appearance even though the sun was not shining!

Dyfi Estuary.

A Stonechat (Clochdar y cerrig) was the highlight as it flew along the edge of the dunes and perching on Ragwort along the way.

Canada Geese (Gwydd  Canada), Oystercatchers (Pioden for), numerous Black-headed Gulls ( Gwylan benduu) and a few Herring Gulls (Gwylan y penwaig) plus a lone Whimbrel  (Coegylfinir) were the highlights on the estuary,
Pyramidal Orchids (Tergeirian bera) were plentiful and looked a real treat, such a vibrant colour!

Common Restharrow (Tagaradr cyffredin) was a much softer colour in comparism, delightful to see in abundance.


2nd July

RSPB Ynis hir

Always a pleasure to walk around this reserve though I have to say it was a struggle to find many bird species on the walk though there were birds in good numbers on and around the feeders in front of the visitor centre.
The highlight birds on the walk were a Pied Flycactcher ( Gwybedog brith) and a fleeting view of a Redstart (Tingoch)!  Scenic views were enjoyed on the walk.

Pheasant Chick (fessant chick). I have never seen a chick of this species before this sighting.

Pheasant Chick (fessant chick) with Mum!
The best image I could manage of a Pied Flycatcher ( Gwybedog brith)!
A day flying moth that I have yet to Identify.


Orange Ladybird (Buwch goch gota oren) with 16 spots!
The stone walling looked a real treat covered for the most part in lichen.
  Siskins (Pila gwyrdd) were in good numbers around the feeders along with Chaffinches (Ji-binc)

The garden at the Guest House had several bird species on the many feeders that were stocked regularly!
House Sparrows ( Aderyn y to), Blackbirds (Aderyn du), Robin (Robin goch), Chaffinch (Ji-binc), Blue Tit (Titw tomos las), Great Tit (Titw mawr),   Siskin (Pila gwyrdd), Great Spotted Woodpecker (Cnocell fraith fwyaf) and would you believe a Black Pheasant (  ffesantod du) was regularly seen pottering around the garden!
Several Red Kites ( Barcud coch) were noted on the journey to Wales along with a few Common Buzzards (Bwncath cyffredin).
I hope my Welsh translations are correct, please advise me if there are errors! ;-)
All in all a pleasing couple of days was enjoyed!


  1. Just catching up with your Welsh adventures Pam!
    So sad re Ceri wasn't it? Think they are on their way back now.......bon voyage to them all!
    We had a similar Redstart brief glimpse too! lol

  2. It was so sad with Ceri.....bon voyage to them all from me too!
    it would have been nice to have had more than a glimpse of a Redstart but better than nothing.lol