Saturday, 17 September 2016

What or who is W:099?

W:099 is the ring number of a Great Black-backed Gull that I sat watching in Saundersfoot harbour as it tried and tried to consume a Dogfish! I informed the relevant organisation and I had information back from Skokholm that they had rung the Gull as a fledgling on the 21st June 2015 and this had been the first sighting since.

The images were taken from 16.06pm to 16.26pm in that time the Gull did not get very far with eating the fish!


I had a wander around the harbour and found a few more birds.



  1. An ambitious meal, even for a Great Black-backed.

  2. That's a mighty nosh for a fledgling, although I've seen greater black backs strip a chicken carcass in seconds at my granny's place in Scotland

  3. This youngster is still learning the ropes I reckon!

  4. a big fish for lunch, very nice photos
    greetings Frank