Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Bird sightings, Algarve , Portugal. September 2016.

I have sorted a few images to post, a few more will be added when time allows. :-)

                                        Wheatear, such a smart looking bird!
              Black-headed Weaver, seen at Quinta do Lago. A little ray of sunshine!

Black-winged Stilts (the leading Stilt is a juvenile) and a Glossy Ibis at Lagoa dos Salgados.


                   White Storks and Glossy Ibis. Both species were seen in good numbers.

                                           A lonesome Golden Plover!

                                                  Hoopoe! A little beauty!
Little Bittern on the lookout for a meal!

                                                    Digging and delving!

                                                      Practising the splits?

Purple Swamphen.

Purple Swamphens enjoying a walk about, they are regularly seen on the lake at Quinta do Lago and appear to be more confiding


                                     Common Snipe and Black-winged stilts.

Crested Lark enjoying the sunshine.

                                Spoonbills, another species seen in good numbers.
This Coot had just been thrown some bread and was immediately harassed by the Gulls!

All for now. Thank you for viewing.



  1. The black winged stilts are so so elegant

    1. They do look elegant, however in the breeding season they are very vocal and territorial, understandably, when they have young to rear!

  2. Splendid selection of species. Thank you for showing!

  3. Lovely to see more of your Algarve pics Pam, the Black-headed Weaver is a real stunner and those Swamphens look almost pre-historic & quite comical don't they!

    1. The Swamphens do look comical as you say Ruth! At one time you had to really scan the vegetation for a sighting of one. It is good to see they are seemingly breeding well.