Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Garden visitors.

I have recently been plagued by a visiting Grey Heron that appears to have eaten several of the small fish I bought last year! Only a single, very old and very large Ghost Koi is visible at present! I am hoping the smaller fish are in the depths of the pond out of harms way but I fear this will not be the case. The pond is netted throughout the year but this year there has been a small section by a new waterfall that is not as secure! The pond is doubly reinforced now so hopefully the heron will give up and move on elsewhere, I fear this will also not be the case!
I honestly have nothing against the Herons but I just wish they would visit a reserve, park lake or bigger pond for their meal and leave my small pond alone!!!

Gotcha!!! I am sure the Heron thought it was inconspicuous!

Surely it will not attempt to get past the string and netting

It did as you can see! I had to shoo it off at this point!

Getting ready for another assault on my pond!

The launch!

I have had the pleasure of seeing this Wren recently in my garden, it has leucistic feathering on it's head. I think it look's quite pretty and certainly noticeable!

Not in my garden (I wish) but I thought I would add a few pics of  Yellow and Pied Wagtails I have seen on a recent local walk.

I was pleased to manage to get 2 in one pic....delightful little birds.


Monday, 11 April 2016

Brimstone and Small Tortoiseshell at Brandon Marsh....03/04/2016

It was good to have paid a visit to  Brandon Marsh N R on a sunny and pleasantly mild (ish) day! Surprisingly every hide bar one was devoid of people and this was mid morning, maybe the locals get their early doors when it is even quieter!!!

Highlight sightings included: G C grebe, Chiffchaff ( plus plenty heard around the reserve), Reed Bunting, Shoveler, Little Egret, Redshank, Pintail (m&f), Kestrel, Buzzard, G S Woodpecker, Oystercatcher, L R Plover, Linnet and not forgetting a Brimstone flitting past the hide I was in at the time and a Small Tortoiseshell spotted on Colt's-foot whilst walking the path to Swallow Pool.

A few images taken during the day.

How pleasing it is to now see some colour in the hedgerows and of course pretty blossom and fresh and ready to burst buds on trees!

This Canada Goose had settled below a hide side window and was unperturbed by the window opening and closing. Unusual to see one so close.

Great Crested Grebes are always a delight to see.

Even if they turn their backs on you they are still photogenic.

Proper posers!

Shelduck to me are a bit like Swans and look so graceful!
Teal practising their synchronised swimming act!

Not bad at all!

Little Egret enjoying the sunshine1

I enjoyed this view!

I also enjoyed listening to this Robin heartily singing!

Busy Sand Martins! Lovely to see them back to our shores.
Cormorant showing off it's White thigh spot!
That was my day at Brandon Marsh, I hope you have enjoyed the images as much as I did in taking them.

Friday, 8 April 2016

Colwyn Bay at Easter! 25th-28th March 2016.

 It was a very windy, rainy and cold Colwyn Bay and surrounding areas over the 'Easter' weekend however one good point...Good Friday was good with sunshine and a gentle breeze until later in the day when the  wind was strong enough to blow you over and was decidedly cold!! Easter Saturday was literally a washout and a windy washout at that! Sunday faired slightly better, less rain but still heavy when it arrived and the strong winds prevailed all day!

Thankfully RSPB Conwy was visited on Good Friday and the perimeter walk was enjoyed in sunshine albeit a little chilly! The walk takes you alongside the estuary saltmarsh. Wigeon were to be the only species seen on the estuary. Conwy Castle can be viewed on the walk though distant.

Highlight species seen during the visit were: Little Egret, Shelduck , Oystercather and  Curlew aplenty, Redshank, Pochard,   Red-breasted Mergansers (lovely to see these sawbills), Snipe (distant but I believe a Common Snipe), Wigeon and Little Grebe.
The Starling Roost was great to see though the numbers had diminished from previous weeks as the good numbers of the birds had started to move on back to the Continent to their breeding grounds.

A few images taken over the weekend.

Conwy Castle.

Curlew Island! 
Oystercatcher Island!
Trying to ignore each other!
The Carneddau group of mountains were visible from many areas of the reserve, as you can imagine with them being mountains.;-) It was lovely to see the snow on them, might be Spring but only just!

 The Starlings were amazing to see, as I mentioned previously not in great numbers but still in good enough numbers as numerous waves of Starlings made for a splendid murmuration! A Peregrine Falcon flew through them a few times but left the scene with empty talons.

South Stack, Anglesey. 
A picture paints a thousand words...just one word needed here...gloomy!
Colwyn Bay on a dull, wet, windy and cold Easter Saturday.
A soggy looking Turnstone was as good as it got! Lovely to see all the same.
Me taking a photo of me taking a photo. Hey ho!
Great Orme, Easter Sunday.
Summit Complex
Pitch and Putt with great views!

These images are deceiving, it was very, very windy and I had to lean against a fence to keep upright to take the photo's....I kid you not!
Statue of a Kasmiri Goat.

On the way down to Llandudno by car or Vintage Tram.

Thankfully the sun was still shining after arriving at Morfa Madryn N R though again the winds were very strong still.
A couple of Ringed Plovers were a treat to see as they fed on the insects!
I was unaware that during the breeding season adult Cormorants have a white patch on their thigh!

One of several 'shell' Molehills

Somewhere over the rainbow...there is a pot of gold!!
It was good to 'get away' for the Easter weekend despite the at times atrocious weather!