Sunday, 31 December 2017

A late 'catch up' before the year ends!

I do hope 2018 passes by much slower than 2017 has! Where have the days, weeks and months gone?

A few of my holiday/trip images to end the year with!

Portugal September 2017.

Black Stork in flight and one sighted preening whilst perched! Awesome to see and a change from the White Storks.
                                                            Caspian Terns.
                                                              Crested Lark.

                                             Hummingbird Hawkmoth

                                                      Little Grebe
                                            Little Owl tree! Can you spot it?

                                                  Swallowtail Butterfly

                                                       Yellow Wagtails

                                                     Zitting Cisticola
                                                           Another one!
Azure-winged Magpies enjoying a drink from a puddle on a car park.

Cattle Egret about to hitch a lift!

Praia de Beliche, Sagres.
Needless to say I filmed the video and did not participate in any Windsurfing, though it did look good fun!
Menorca October 2017
A Speckled Wood as has been pointed out to me.;-)
Common Snipe

Spider webs, seen whilst walking through vegetation! There were hundreds of webs!!
                                                    Banded Argiope spiders!

                                                             Black Redstart

                                                  Blue Rock Thrush

Egyptian was late.:-)

                                                                   Menorquina Cows.
The Menorquina was formerly a triple-purpose breed, used as a draught animal and for milk and meat production; it is now raised mainly for dairy use.

Scarlet Darter

This beautifully situated lighthouse to the north of Es Mercadal, was built in 1857, it is built 90 meters above the sea level, and has dramatic cliffs surrounding it. According to records, one year prior to its construction there were eight shipwrecks in the area. The actual light is now run by solar panels and batteries – and it can shine up to 36 miles.

Gates in Menorca made from the olive tree. The olive wood is tremendously strong. Each branch is split in two so that you have a symmetrical gate. All the gates use the same pattern.

On a walk to a gorge (on a hot day) which is known to have roosting Egyptian Vultures we had great views of 2 perched  Egyptian Vultures after a while they took flight! I now have 2 young Grandsons with happy memories they will keep forever of a super 'Birding' walk!
WWT Martin Mere and Marshside. November 2017.
An assemblage of Wildfowl.


Pink-footed  Geese were seen and heard in great numbers! A wonderful experience that never fails to amaze!

                                                      Join the dots?


A perched Merlin was the highlight and very nice it was too.

                                            Blackpool Tower in the distance.

                                  Back to Martin Mere.
                                                                     A busy hide!!!

                          The berries were being enjoyed by several Blackbirds!
                                                     Harrier hide.

                                    The Geese were spooked by a Marsh Harrier.

                                      I can see a bird in this image. Can you?

                                                       Starling Roost.

                  The Starling roost was a great spectacle and great finale to what had been a super long weekend in Lancashire.
All that's left now is for me to wish all bloggers and readers of blogs and anyone else who just happens by a Happy and Healthy New year 2018.
Have a good 'un!