Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Foxes in my garden.20/03/2017

I set my wildlife camera trap last night and was delighted to see this morning that two foxes had visited my garden and enjoyed a little food I had put out for them.

The poem I have added I felt is apt for my post though maybe a little long, stick with it and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Foxes In The Garden. - Poem by PAUL COLVIN

I looked out in the garden
As snowflakes filled the air
Not heavy, just a flake or two
And all I did was stare
Then something moved and caught my eye
Is that a fox I see?
An orange bundle in the grass
Lying by a tree.
I rushed upstairs and to my surprise
There wasn't one but two!
The second hid behind the grass
Completely out of view
But from an upstairs window
I could see them very clear
Their reddish bodies caught the light,
They mustn't know I'm here.
Quietly I watched them
And marvelled at the sight
Two sleeping wild beauties sheltering
Here in broad daylight.
A ray of sun beat down on them
Lighting up their bristled backs
Their forelegs and their pointed ears
A striking vivid black
No sound or movement did they make
They just lay there all day long
And still they lay just sleeping on
As night time came along.
And when I woke this morning
One could still be seen
The one I said who'd sheltered
Behind the clumps of grass so green
And still the snow was falling,
I thought he may be dead
So I made a noise, and right away,
He raised his ginger head
He rose up very slowly,
Turned and looked at me
Then wandered through the undergrowth
Disappearing through the trees
Not even minutes had gone by
When he was back again

And looked at me, before he lay,
On the same spot he had lain
I tried to coax him with some food
I thought that might be best
But looked at me as he did before
And lay back down to rest
I looked out an hour later
To find that he had gone
But the food I left had gone as well,
Will he come back at dawn?
(yes he did) .


  1. Ha they are smart, they know there's a camera there I'm sure!

  2. I reckon you are correct Si!;-)

  3. Super Fox images Pam.....and a lovely poem too.....thought it was going to have a sad ending....glad it didn't!

  4. Thank you, Ruth.

    I thought maybe you would enjoy the poem. A long and a 'happy ending' poem.lol