Monday, 9 April 2018

Yarn Bombing in Silves, Algarve, Portugal.

Well this was a new one to me...Yarn bombing! After researching with Google I see that it is a worldwide practice and is believed to have originated in the United States.

During my recent holiday in the Algarve a visit was made to Silves.
The town of Silves was the capital of the Algarve during Moorish rule, from 700 until 1200 ad. The remains of it's Medieval Castle, Cathedral and ancient buildings are well worth visiting. White Storks are a delight to see as they fly to and fro over the town carrying nest building material or food to take to their nests which are on chimney's and high buildings.
A stroll across the waterfront that is alongside the Arade River is always a pleasure looking for Common Sandpipers, Wagtails, Gulls and Kingfishers and whatever else might be along the riverside. Common Waxbills, Cetti's, House Sparrows are normally to be seen or heard in and around the vegetation on the riverbank and a few years ago a Black Redstart sighting was a highlight!

Now back to 'Yarn Bombing'!
The Olive trees along the waterfront were adorned with knitted and crocheted displays wrapped around the tree trunks and lower branches, a sight to see and a surprise.
I was informed by a local that the displays had mainly been done by local 'Pensioners' as a means of occupying their minds and helping to keep them active! What a great idea!

A few images, well a lot actually, of the trees in question.


All for now as I am off to the shops to purchase wool and knitting needles, I have an idea for decorating my apple trees for the summer.;-)
White Storks in Silves to follow in Part 2.


  1. Wow, don't they look great, a Euro version of "Tie a yellow ribbon" eh! I love the cobweb ones, so clever, very impressed....a knitter I am not!!! lol

    1. Oh yes, "Tie a yellow ribbon", I hadn't thought of that song Ruth!
      The cobweb ones are my favourites too! Talented folk whoever knitted them.
      I used to knit a few moons ago!:-)