Tuesday, 4 June 2019

A welcome visitor to my garden!

A welcome surprise greeted me when I checked the images on my Camera Trap!
Foxes are the normal visitors captured on the camera throughout the night and the occasional Hedgehog and Cat!
I did not expect to see a Tawny Owl! I have added images taken over two nights. The food is what is put out for the foxes, normally put out every other night or less frequent so they do not rely too much on the food. The Owl actually took a slug from the dish!
A few images taken over the 2 evenings.

There were 2 Owls that visited....whoopee!!!
A blurred image but clearly 2 Owls in the image.



Tu-whit tu-whoo.



  1. Sorry to be so late in catching up with your blog Pam!
    Fab shots of the Tawny Owl, I love the pics where he's sat looking at the dish.....as if he can't believe his luck! lol
    It's amazing what's happening in our gardens while we're in the land of nod isn't it!

    1. No problem Ruth! Busy lives my friend.

      I was really chuffed to see the visitor on camera! I couldn't believe my luck. lol!