Sunday, 9 February 2020

Caught on camera!

A few visitors to my garden that were caught on camera!

This cheeky mouse was helping itself to a tube feeder full of birdseed. I thought the feeder had suddenly started to empty rapidly!
The images were taken in January and similar antics took place in February!

 My 'camera Trap' caught a few visitors last Sunday evening and into early Monday morning.
In order of appearance!

The 3 Carrion Crows are daily visitors along with the Woodpigeons that are building in numbers this last month! It is not unusual to count 14 + some days!

Roll on Springtime!



  1. Clever mouse! You'd think it would find enough scattered around under the feeder. Our neighbourhood fox seems to have deserted us this winter.

    1. I reckon the two cats pictured in my post may have something to do with the mouse wanting to raise it's game John. ;-) I wonder if foxes change territory at times, I hope that is the case with yours.

  2. What a lovely little Wood Mouse, the 3rd pic shows off his huge ears well doesn't it!
    Nice capture of the Fox too Pam.
    I'm awaiting the frog spawn, it's a little late this year, it's usually around Valentine's day but no sign or even any activity as yet!
    As you say roll on Spring!!!!

    1. He/she does have big ears. It is rather cute! lol

      No sight or sound of frogs here Ruth! The fish in the pond are also still well down in the water.

  3. Frogspawn arrived here on February 17th Pam, a few days later than last year!
    We've a Frog ladder set up to help the courting pairs up the steps into the back garden! lol

    1. That is good news Ruth! Still no sign of frogs or spawning here!
      A visit from a female Sparrowhawk trying to bag a Woodpigeon was the highlight in our garden yesterday, the Woodpigeon escaped capture!