Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Poppy field.09/06/2020

The field of poppies was a sight to behold with many yet to fully open!

Kinver, Staffordshire.


  1. Beautiful. I can see a field like that way over in the distance but haven't cycled over to try to find it yet. It must be six or seven miles away but it's visible from several places near here.

  2. I know what you mean John, so visible but can be so far away! Good luck with finding the poppy field!

  3. Oh wow!!!!!!
    Amazing pics Pam, I just love red poppies!!!
    I've got some in my gravel garden but not that many, what a splendid sight to come across, thanks for sharing!!!

    1. Amazing, cheerful and uplifting aren't they Ruth!

      A town close by me has Wildflowers planted on several grassy dual carriageways, they look a treat when in full bloom! Lovely to see.