Friday, 31 July 2020

Beautiful butterflies in July!

It has been a good month for butterfly sightings and hopefully August will also be as good!

Brake Mill.


                                                                  Green-veined white

Chaddesley Wood
                                                                      Meadow brown

                                                                 Large Skipper...I believe. ;-)

                                                                    Peacock and Skipper

                                                              Silver-washed fritillary


                                                                      Small White                      

                                                             Small Tortoiseshell

                                                            Holly blue..female.
I am pleased with these captures as this was the only opportunity I have had to snap a few pics as the Holly blues have been flying around and out of my garden....until today! 30/07/20.

                    One that I would have liked to have seen at Highgate Common!
                                               No luck on my visit but the poster is nice!

The month of July seemed to fly by!


  1. Definitely not a Large Skipper. It's either a female Small or Essex Skipper. From above the males could easily be separated by the shape of the scent gland but females are trickier without being able to see the underside of the antennae tips, which are jet black in Essex. I think it's probably a small skipper especially if it's the same individual in flight with the Peacock.

    Some lovely shots!

    1. Thank you for your ID comments, they are much appreciated.

      I cannot recall it being the same individual as the one with the Peacock. So Small Skipper it is then, thank you!