Tuesday, 1 September 2020

Wells-next-the-sea....Pensthorpe Natural park

My first visit to Pensthorpe Natural Park, a super place to visit for all ages! Birds, wildlife, splendid gardens, conservation projects, play areas and much more! A day isn't enough to see all that the park offers. The gardens were a joy to walk around, no two beds were the same and the range of plants was amazing! Quite a few plants are what we would plant in a small to medium garden and good to see on a much larger scale.

Images from the day at Pensthorpe.
                                                                     Barnacle Goose.
                                                              A smart looking Goose!
                                                                 Egyptian Geese.
                                            I reckon we can tell who ate all the pies!!!

                                                              Great Crested Grebe.
                                                              How regal they look!
                                       A colourful water bird that we sometimes overlook.
                                                           An assemblage of birds.

                                                 Walk like an Egyptian .....on water!!!
                                                                  Well not quite;-)

Common Blue Damselflies.


                                               It looks like a moth the damselfly was eating.

                                                                Me and my shadow!
                                                                      Ruddy darter

                                         It was rescued from the water but did not recover.

                                                             Peacock butterfly.
                     Not that many butterflies sighted today. A worn Gatekeeper and a few Whites!

The pools intermingled with the gardens.

A few images of the delightful gardens. 

                                                                    Golden Rod!
                                                   A plant that attracts so many insects!

Finally...did you know?

All for now....finale to follow in due course (or when I have some free time).


  1. Great pictures and yes that's a phat goosey!

  2. Thanks for those pics. I've been intending to visit Pensthorpe for years.

    1. Your welcome John! I had heard a lot about Pensthorpe so it was good to manage a visit!