Thursday, 15 May 2014

April bits and bobs.

A few images taken at Brake Mill Pools, West Hagley, an area I (try to) frequently visit.

I was very fortunate on the 9th to have lengthy and fairly clear views of 2 Green Woodpeckers as they searched for insects in one of the Dandelion bedecked paddocks.

 I was amazed at the stunning plumage on this female Mallard. I had never really looked as closely as I did today when I spotted the female having 40 winks!

17th April. Pebble Prominent Moth  Notodonta ziczac

18th April....Brandon Marsh.

Blackcaps were in song in many areas around the reserve.

This pair of Coots were a delight to watch. The male (I presume the male) was on his way to the nest with some vegetation, the female left her nest to join him and then helped to carry the stem he was carrying. a lovely sight to see. I hope they successfully raised many chicks!

20th April...Walton Hill
2male and 1 female Ring Ouzel and a male Redstart close by them were a sheer delight to see!


  1. Nice to catch up with your latest post and pics Pam!
    We were thrilled to spot our Ring Ouzels too.
    Love the colours in your photographs, especially the butterflies and that stunning Lapwing!

    1. Many thanks for your kind comments Ruth! I was particularly pleased with the Lapwing image!

      Great that you have managed to comment, I am not sure what the problem was previously. I think too many changes happen sometimes, if it ain't broke etc etc!