Sunday, 1 February 2015


If Candlemas Day [February 2nd] be fair and bright, Winter will have another flight:
But if Candlemas Day be clouds and rain, Winter is gone - it will not come again.

Time will tell with the above quote! :-)


My Daughter found a Barn Owl pellet in Norfolk during a holiday in December 2014 and dissected it a week ago. Amazing tiny little bones that are possibly those of a Vole.

A flying visit was made to feed the hungry waterfowl at Brake Mill Pool at lunchtime today. Green Woodpecker (my 1st of the year), Buzzard and a volery of Long-tailed Tits being the highlights!
My garden has been very quiet today......probably because a Sparrowhawk put in an appearance!


  1. That's an incredible number of's great fun disecting owl pellets!

  2. This pellet was an eye-opener Jason!

  3. Wow, all those tiny bones, amazing! I showed the pic to my hubby, he thought at first that the Owl had swallowed a penny, doh!!!!! lol

  4. Ha ha! Well you never know what you may find really do you. lol!