Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Fox trot!....11/06/2011

With sunshine and a clear blue sky I set off early for a walk around Brake Lane. Plenty of songs and calls were heard throughout the walk. The usual birds were seen today with the highlights being the Swans with their four cygnets, I was pleased to see the cygnets had stayed safe! Other highlights were Treecreeper, Green Woodpecker Common Whitethroat and a Corn Bunting! The Corn Bunting had been sighted the previous evening so I was thrilled that it was still there and giving good views, my first Corn Bunting in this area! Now the title 'Fox trot' is to do with the sightings I had of foxes, six sightings of definately three or possibly four individual foxes. The first fox was sauntering in the wooded area next to the bridleway and probably after one of the young rabbits that I had been viewing, the fox spotted me and trotted off into the woood. The second sighting made me jump as I was quietly watching an area which has a stream running through it when there was a scrambling sound which made me turn to look and a fox was giving chase to another fox, they both raced up and over a dead tree that crosses the narrow stream. The chaser then spotted me and stopped momentarily, long enough for me to get a shot of it! I then had three sightings of one of the foxes at hunted in the vegetation, no doubt after one of the mallards that were in the stream. The last sighting was in a nearby area and the fox once it had seen me trotted away towards the old tree, so maybe a fourth, I am not sure but they were super to see. I have only ever seen one sighting of a fox in this area before today. In the same area that the last fox was sighted I stood for a few minutes watching a Wren feeding a chick, a lovely sight to see. It is a lovely time of year with so many fledglings being seen and also heard when nagging their parents for!


  1. Nice to read all about your foxes Pam,what a great sight they must have been!
    Your pics of them are lovely,you did well!
    The Corn Bunting shot is a good one,we couldn't get close enough to ours for a pic but were thrilled to see and hear them.....a wonderful sound aren't they!
    The Poppies are glorious,mine in the garden are getting battered and renched as I type......tis a typically English summers day!!!!! lol

  2. A bit late but thanks for your comment Ruth!It is good to see the Corn Buntings....they are few and far between these days unfortunately!