Sunday, 25 September 2011

A refreshing break around Brake Lane....24/09/2011

After a busier than normal week it was good to be out in the early morning fresh air and taking in the sights and sounds around me! It was misty on the start of my walk though the sun did put in an appearance later, but it was still cool in the shade, especially when lingering in the small woodland area of the walk. Blue and Great Tits were numerous and so where Robins on the walk, it seemed as though there was a Robin around every corner singing. Lovely to hear! Woodpigeon and Carrion Crow numbers had increased since my last walk here along with Jackdaws and Magpies. On the lake were several Black-headed Gulls, Mallards, Coot, Moorhen with young and the Mute Swan family! The four Cygnets are almost as big as their parents now, good to see they are safe and still thriving. A Pied Wagtail flew overhead, 3 House Martins, 2 skeins of Geese (distant but presumably Greylag or Canada) and a Buzzard mewing. I was delighted to see a Kingfisher fly in low over the lake! I had been told that a pair had been spotted here so I was thrilled to see my first Kingfisher on this walk! A noisy Jay flew on to the low branches of a tree that was overhanging the water and then flew down to the water to bathe. The adjacent fields held a few Jackdaws and Crows and a delight to see and hear was a Green Woodpecker that flew from the ground to a distant tree!
The wooded area gave me sightings of Chiffchaff, Wren and Dunnock. A Starling flock were perched on wires by the paddocks when I started my return walk with a Mistle Thrush perched a few feet away from them, I later spotted 2 Mistle Thrush in the paddocks. I was surprised to see a pony that was lying down in a paddock tolerating the Magpies that were around it and on it's back! I watched for a good 5 minutes as the Magpies hopped on and off the back of the pony, I wonder if the Magpies were just sunbathing or perhaps finding a mite or something off the pony? I can imagine the Magpies in Spring would help themselves to loose mane hair or fur for nesting material but at this time of year I cannot see what benefits they are getting?

A very enjoyable 3 hour walk...I linger a!!!

The Obelisk on top of Wychbury Hill can just about be seen in the mist! On a clear day a good view can be had from this point of the walk.


  1. Jackdaws are very fond of hitching a ride on the back of sheep and I think they find ticks to eat among the wool. Maybe your Magpies were similarly engaged. I love your writing and the way you clearly enjoy the common birds as well as the odd Kingfisher. Wishing you many more happy wanderings. Word verification: WERISE - very apt for "Flying High"

  2. Yes, I reckon they were after ticks John! The pony was probably pleased the Magpies were ridding it of!

    Thank you for your very kind comment, I am pleased you are enjoying my witterings! I do enjoy my walks and happy to share them on my blog!

    WERISE.....that's a good one!

  3. I enjoyed accompanying you on your 3 hour anmble thanks Pam,nice days at this time of year are a bonus aren't they?
    I love the photo of the autumnal trees beyond the fence,very artistic my friend!

  4. They are lovely days Ruth, especially when the weather forecast is as good as this weeks!

    The area in the photo you mention is where Buzzards, Jays and Great Spotted Woodpeckers to name a few species hang out, I also got a Hobby over that field last year!

    Thanks for your kind words.