Friday, 30 September 2011

When Autumn leaves....29/09/2011

....start to fall and the temperature is in the high 20's it is a surreal feeling! I went for a mid morning walk along the bridlepath next to Bunkers Hill Wood, the sun was already giving off quite a bit of heat!! Birds were few and far between with Blue Tits being the predominant species seen and heard closely followed by Robins! A Mistle Thrush flew into the wood followed shortly afterwards by a Jay. A Green Woodpecker was heard only and apart from the Buzzard that deemed to take flight just as I was about to get into my car that was as good as it got for birdlife...nearly forgot Magpies and Woodpigeons put in appearances! Unusually no Yellowhammers today!

The faded Ferns along the hedgerows looked a treat in the sunshine and the leaves that had fallen were a colourful mixture of mainly gold and copper colours! As I walked the odd acorn fell like a missile, a hard hat it seems would come in handy at this time of year!! No doubt Squirrels were at work!

As I walked back down the path I became aware of huge...well they seemed huge...insects flying past me! I watched as several of these insects flew to an oak tree and seemed to just hover around the leaves and then disperse and return again, they were I believe Hornets! I have never knowingly seen them before! I have since read up on them and I am so pleased that they did not take a disliking to me standing there and trying to get a pic of them...they have a right sting in the tail!!!!

A clear blue sky and warm sunshine!

The same view ( a closer shot) taken on Christmas day 2010 when out viewing the Waxwings which were in the area! A taste of what is to come for Winter 2011/2012? Hopefully Waxwings again but without the snow!!!.lol!!

A Hornet is there in the pic...honest!!

How about this little beauty...well it was quite big actually...that I found hanging around in my greenhouse!!!


  1. Great Spider pics Pam.

    I was out walking/birding today as well the weather was gogeous and quite un spring-like

  2. I like the spiders, too, Pam. I wouldn't want them in my bedroom, though. My wife would have a fit.

    The weather is spooky.

    I was watching a kingfisher on the Stour this morning: the sweat was pouring from me. Being so warm at this time of year is not normal.

    There were more dragonflies over North Pond today than I have seen at any other time.

    I enjoyed reading your post.

  3. Thanks Jason. I am told the spider is a Garden/Cross Orb spider.

    I hope you enjoyed a productive walk! The weather is gorgeous but very unseasonal, though I will not complain about!

  4. The garden is the best for 'any' spider Mike!!!

    Make the most of this 'unseasonal' warmth as it is on the downward slope later in the week!

    Kingfisher views sound good and the dragonflies, nice that!

    Thanks for your kind comment Mike!

  5. This unseasonal hot weather has been a bit too uncomfortable for me much so that your snowy tree image looks very inviting indeed at this moment! lol
    You were lucky with the Hornets.....good job you didn't stir them up!!!!

  6. I was amazed how big the Hornets were Ruth, so no wonder they have can give a nasty sting!

    Thank you for your comment Ruth!