Friday, 19 February 2016

A Kestrel encounter!.... 18/02/2016

A walk in the sunshine was a must after the previous days weather which consisted of leaden grey skies and rain literally all day long! A slight wind kept the temperatures down but no matter it was more importantly dry and sunny! I decided a walk along the track between fields at Whittington might be productive and I am so glad I did.

I was well pleased to see a Kestrel land along a tree lined hedgerow! I watched her as she flew to and from the trees and the field where Sheep and their Lambs were grazing. She promptly found a few worms to enjoy! I have never had such good and lengthy views of a Kestrel on the ground before. I kept my distance and managed a few images and video in between good binocular views of her.

What a fabulous bird!
A male Stonechat was also a delight to see on my walk. He continually flew from post to wire and wire to they do! A little smasher!

Fieldfares, Robin, Blackbird, Dunnock. Skylark (heard only), Woodpigeons and the usual Corvids were also seen regularly.
As the light began to fade a Starling murmuration was great to see.....well ok maybe only 140+ Starlings but still a murmuration.;-)
This little cutie with it's Mum was my first Lamb sighting of the year.
I do feel for Common Buzzards, they seem to be forever being mobbed by Corvids! This one was quietly perched minding it's own business!
The Cows were noisily on the move up the hill! The noise they were making reminded me of the TV programme Rawhide..well I can just about remember the programme.;-)
I thought this was a nice reflection as I looked back at the end of my walk.
I was in fact looking back at the long and winding track!
This had been one of my best walks of the Winter. Not a great number of species seen but those I had seen were pretty special.
That to me is what Bird and Nature watching is all about.


  1. I think worms must be particularly tasty to Kestrels, I've had similar encounters where the Kestrel seemed very reluctant to leave. It's been so mild that I haven't seen a Stonechat all winter.

  2. Having had several sharp ground frosts this week I suspect the Kestrel was feeling rather peckish! Hope you get a Stonechat or two soon John.

  3. Nice Kestrel footage Pam & even nicer to hear a Skylark singing in the background!
    Todays weather is dreadful......the ground will no doubt be sodden again.....& your large reflective puddle will be getting even fuller!! lol

    1. Thanks for your kind comments Ruth! Dry here over the weekend....maybe I speak too soon as it is spotting with rain

  4. Great shots! We've had dire weather today, my shots looks like they were taken in a cloudburst. Which they were.

    1. Thank you for kind comments Si!

      Whether it be a cloud burst or sunshine, the main thing is to enjoy what you are taking shots of! I know for a fact that you do.