Sunday, 12 August 2012

Caterpillars...going under....12/08/2012

The caterpillars are now going down into the soil to change into a chrysalis in their new house (a large plastic container), I had 8 yesterday that still had to go down into the soil, then six this morning and during the day 3 more had disappeared into the the soil. I will miss picking leaves daily for them but pleased that the majority have survived and hopefully will emerge in the Spring as beautiful Lime Hawkmoths! It has been a fascinating experience watching their progression from an egg to a caterpillar that is ready to pupate!

Latest update! The two remaining caterpillars have now joined the others in the soil (15th August). After about 10 days the hardened pupa can be removed for winter storage!


  1. Wow,haven't they grown.....they must have been very hungry caterpillars! lol
    Well done on your rearing of them Pam.......fingers crossed for their sucessful emergences next spring!

  2. They certainly have grown Ruth! I will miss seeing them on a daily basis. I still have 3 this morning so work still to be!

    Thanks for your interest and kind comment.

  3. This has been so fascinating Pam, well done on getting them this far! I do hope all goes well and that we will see the result of your hard work in the Spring...I am really looking forward to it :-)

  4. Thanks Jan, I am pleased you have enjoyed the journey so far! There are still two caterpillars on top of the soil today, they must be lazy or greedy one'!