Thursday, 13 December 2012

Waxwings...3 will do me fine!....08/12/2012

It was a cold, misty and frosty start to Saturday, I pondered where to go for my 'Saturday Solitude' walk. Bunkers Hill seemed appropriate as the walk up the hills would be good exercise and help to keep me warm! The sun eventually broke through the clouds and shone through the trees, the views were very atmospheric as I looked back down the hill!
Highlight birds on the walk were Goldcrest, Jay, Dunnock, Robin, Wren, Redwing, two Great Spotted Woodpeckers having a bit of a to-do, a single Sparrowhawk and single Raven.

On my way home I drove to Sandy Lane/Roman Way to check the berry trees for Waxwings, as I had done a few times recently without luck, today was no exception. I then checked out (again) berry trees by a local (ish) Co-op store where Waxwings had been reported the week previous...woohoo...3 flew to the top of a tree as I sat in my car trying not to look too conspicous with my camera and bins! They did not stay for long as a couple of Mistle thrushes spooked them, I have since been told that the Mistle Thrush are regularly in that area so defending their territory or berry crop I suppose! I waited to see if the Waxwings returned but the need for a cuppa got the better of me so I returned home!

I am happy with the sighting of the 3 Waxwings so I doubt I will go searching again for them, I may be lucky to see a few more on any future Winter walks.
A lone Redwing was feeding alongside Blackbirds in my garden when I returned home.
I was well pleased with the bird sightings I had had today.

Distant but a delight to see!
The sun shone brightly 10 minutes after the Waxwings had departed. The Blackbirds looked a treat as they ate their treats!
My first Redwing in the garden this Winter!


  1. Nice one Pam, i'm glad you managed to connect with some local Waxwings. They are stunning birds!

  2. Good to have you back on-line Pam!
    Nice to see that your Co-op Waxwings were "there for you"! lol
    A nicely framed pic too!
    I've just been watching a Mistle Thrush scoffing Catoneaster berries in my garden.....they are all very hungry but at least there's plenty of drinking water about now!

  3. Beautiful shots!
    Havea nice weekend

  4. Well done Pam...and you managed a photo! I am very envious as I missed out completely in 2010/11 and also spent some time most days last week trying to find the small flock which had been seen very close to me...with no success :-(

    Lovely photo of the bright eyed Blackbird!

  5. Thanks Jason. I was well pleased to see the you say they are stunning!

  6. Thanks Ruth, tis good to be back on-line!
    Ha ha! They certainly were "there for me" Ruth!
    How lovely for you to have been watching a Mistle Thrush at close quarters and yes I agree there is plenty of drinking water about. The Wildlife must be as confused as we are with our rapidly changing weather patterns! I just hope it snows on Christmas Day, only Christmas Day mind.;-)

  7. Thanks Crissi, you are very kind!

    Have a lovely weekend yourself.


  8. Thank you Jan!

    I had hoped to read on your blog that you had caught up with Waxwings, there is still plenty of time Jan.

    I admit to being pleased with the Blackbird photo as I do find them a difficult subject to photograph! A good light is needed.

    I have fingers, legs and anything else I can cross for you to catch up with a few Waxwings Jan. Good luck!