Tuesday, 10 May 2011


I parked on my local Wilkinsons carpark yesterday morning one I rarely use and as I parked up Waxwings came to mind! It was the 24th December 2010 when I had my first views that Winter gone of Waxwings, 21 of them perched in the bare Rowan trees and on the roof of a snow covered garage opposite the carpark! How time has flown since that sighting of those charismatic birds, is it really over four months ago! The trees are now in full leaf and the fertilised flowers are now well on their way to mature into berries for the next crop of Winter food. It doesn't seem that long since the Winter migrants were being seen regularly and now we have the Summer migrants to enjoy. How soon we forget the cold, cold Winter of 2010...well almost forget ...and now we have what seem to be April showers (though thundery at times) in May!

My garden birds are busy feeding up and hopefully nesting well. Blue Tits have taken up residence in a House Sparrow terrace nestbox, I reckon they are feeding chicks now, fingers crossed that they are successful! Robin's had nested in a Robin nestbox that is situated on an Ivy clad wall in my drive. I have not seen any sign of them coming to or from the nest for over two weeks now so checked it out cautiously at lunchtime today. The nest has been deserted, four eggs were stone cold. I wonder what happened, predation of one or both of the parents or inexperienced parents? This has happened before in this box, it is inaccessible from cats and positioned correctly in a N/E direction. Such a pity. I am still seeing a Robin daily in my garden at the feeders, whether it is the one of the parents, who knows?
Hopefully I will soon be seeing fledglings of Blackbirds, Dunnocks and Starlings in my garden and any other species which cares to visit with young! Swifts are now wheeling high daily over my house!


  1. A nice reflective post Pam,it certainly is hard to believe that it's almost 5 months since that day isn't it? It certainly was a Waxwing winter that we'll not forget!

    Such a shame to read that your Robins have desrted the nest with eggs inside,very sad indeed!

  2. Thanks Ruth! It was good to recall the sightings of the Waxwings but the thought of what was a cold Winter day made me shiver.lol!!
    It is a crying shame with the Robin's nest but happily Blue Tits are definately feeding chicks in the terrace box! The birds that are to-ing and fro-ing on the feeders are making me dizzy.lol! A pair each of Bullfinch and Greenfinch have graced the feeders in my garden this week, not often I see either in the garden especially the Bullfinches. Hopefully they will stick around and bring their young eventually!

    Thank you for all of your kind comments, they are very much appreciated Ruth!