Sunday, 10 June 2012

Catch-up time! (2)

Worcs W T Upton Warren N R....27/05/2012

It had been a long while since I had visited the Reserve, it was looking good! The visit today was to see the reported Ruff at the Flashes in it's 'Summer Colours' and what a splendid bird it was, also the Little Gull which was a joy to view! A very enjoyable visit today!


Little Gull

Avocet and chicks

Common Sandpiper

Little Ringed Plover

Mallard family


Blue-tailed Damselfly

Common Tern

Warks W T Brandon Marsh N R... 04/06/2012

Today the sun was shining after the previous days deluge of rain when at least the Queen was steadfast and smiled on what was a dreadful weather day! I was so glad I had chosen to visit Brandon Marsh today as the day turned out to be one of the better weather days of the week. A Pied Wagtail pair were a treat to watch as they collected insects for their young, their nest was underneath a solar panel on the visitor centre roof! A good place to keep dry and out of the wind! A Jay was encountered on the way to the hides and posed momentarily for me, unusual for a Jay! Below the windows of the Carlton Hide in the vegetation were several Banded Demoiselles resting in the sunshine, lovely to see so many and so close! Oystercatchers flew across the pool several times as they collected worms for their youngsters and a Hobby flew to a distant dead tree and perched there for several minutes, my first Hobby of the year! Other highlights were Sedge Warbler, Common Whitethroat, Reed Bunting, Song Thrush, Bullfinch, Blackcap, Chaffinch, Wren, Dunnock and Great spotted Woodpecker. Buzzard, Sand Martin, Redshank (1), Lapwing, Greylag Geese and Common Tern. Though it was sunny for the best part of the day it was still cool in shady areas, which is probably the reason the only butterflies seen were the odd White species which did not settle for an ID to be obtained. The Sensory Garden has had a makeover and looks really good now and when the plants are established and in flower it will smell nice too! A big thumbs up to the WWT on their achievements with the Sensory Garden, it will be a great asset to the reserve! As is the norm it was another great day at Brandon Marsh!

Pied Wagtail

Song Thrush

Reed bunting (female)




View from the Carlton Hide.

Banded Demoiselle

Banded Demoiselle (pair?) and a Common Blue Damselfly. I believe that the female Demoiselle in the top left hand corner of the image is a female Banded but not 100% sure. Comments will be welcomed concerning the ID.


Beaked Hawksbeard

Common Spotted Orchid


  1. Great photos Pam, im gad you got the Ruff, it really was a stunnning looking bird and was worth the effort to see!
    And well done on the Hobby pic, ive never seen one landed so i bet that was a privialage!

  2. Enjoyed catching up with you! Nice picture of the Jay; you're right = they don't pose very often, all I usually see is a disappearing white rump!

  3. Thanks Craig, the Ruff certainly was a stunner!
    The Hobby could have been a little more obliging and perched in the dead tree nearest the hide instead of the one furthest! This is the second Hobby I have seen perched at Brandon Marsh so maybe it is the reserve you should head to! Hope you get to see a perched Hobby soon!

  4. Ha ha!! Thanks John! I must say I was quite surprised at the Jay posing so nicely for didn't hang around for too long so it was a good job I have quick reflexes with my!

  5. Always nice to get back onto your local patch isn't it Pam!
    A really nice set of pics.....I love the LRP....a stunning shot that really shows off the yellow eye ring!
    Great Hobby and Jay too though my fave is the Blue-tailed Damselfly,a cracker!

  6. I agree Ruth, it is good to be back birding locally!

    Thank you very much for your kind comments on my pics. We don't do too bad with our little Panasonics do we!

  7. Hi Pam, just back from another trip and enjoyed catching up with your blog. Have to say I'm jealous about the Ruff, have yet to see one!

  8. Thanks Tom! A pity you missed the Ruff, it looked superb!

  9. Hi Pam. I've enjoyed catching up with your catch-ups ;-) A very nice read and some lovely photos. I am very envious of your Jay encounter having not even seen one for some years. Nice to see the busy Pied Wagtail and the delightful photos of the Great Tit nesting in the post. Beautiful orchid too!

    I have wanted to visit Brandon for a long time but as our time is always limited and Draycote is just that bit nearer I haven't managed it yet. I wonder if you might be able to answer a question about the place. It says on the website that the reserve closes at 4:30pm which seems very early! I wondered if you would know if that is the entire reserve or perhaps just the visitors centre?

  10. Many thanks for your kind comments Jan!

    It is the visitor centre that closes at 4.30pm Jan, exit is then through a gate in the Sensory Garden when you have finished your visit. The loos are still open after this!
    I hope you manage a visit to Brandon, I am sure you would enjoy it. On a warm sunny day you should get plenty of butterflies and dragonflies on the walks and maybe see a Cuckoo that did not appear or call on my!