Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Sling Pool....10/06/2012

An amble in Sling Pool was most enjoyable on what was a rare 'sunny' Sunday morning! The Oxeye Daisies were attracting a lot of interesting insects and a pair of Beautiful Demoiselles were a delight to see as they perched on the vegetation! Bird song was heard from a Blackbird and Song Thrush, Blue Tits and Long-tailed Tits flitted about in the trees and a pair of Treecreepers and a Nuthatch completed the bird species seen! The only butterfly seen was a White species which did not hang around for an ID. It was lovely just standing in the sunshine and watching and listening to all that was
around and about.


Beautiful Demoiselle (male)

Beautiful Demoiselle (female)

14 Spot Ladybird

I have not had time to ID the insects, all but one that I have had ID'd...I will add species when I (if ever) have some spare time.

Saw-fly...Eurogaster mesomelas

Black Medick

Red Clover



  1. An interesting post and lovely photos Pam. It sounded and looked like a very nice visit. It really is a rare pleasure to be out in the sunshine this year! I have only seen a 14 spot Ladybird once and wasn't able to get a photo. The Beautiful Demoiselle certainly lives up to its name. I used to be guaranteed to see them by the local canal but this year, so far, no sign of them! During a walk yesterday I too only saw one butterfly :-(

  2. Thank you Jan!

    I think the lack of sunshine and so much rain is having a detrimental effect on us and the wildlife! Hopefully the forecasters are wrong and we do not have to wait until september for our Summer! I have seen hardly any butterflies at all Jan, either we are choosing the wrong sites or weather days.lol! I hope you catch up with your Beautiful Demoiselles soon.

  3. How I'd love an amble in the sunshine right now Pam!
    Super photo's of all those insects,I've never seen any Demoiselles......maybe they don't venture this far north.....I can't say I blame 'em on a day like this!

  4. I doubt many folk have ambled today Ruth! Dreary weather for June, hopefully the weekend will see some improvement!

    A bit of info for you...keep em peeled Ruth and thanks for your kind comments!

    Beautiful Demoiselle.
    Status & Distribution:
    Locally abundant. Mostly found west of a line between Liverpool and Folkestone and in southern Ireland.
    Main flight period is late May to end August.

  5. Thanks for the info Pam,according to the line we're on edge or just east of their area......but will certainly keep a look out!