Saturday, 16 June 2012

Cockchafer (May Bug)....30/05/2012

I purchased a well established Geranium plant from a Garden Centre on the 30th of May as a gift for someone and on my return home left it on the patio in my garden. Later in the day I picked up the plant to take it to the recipient and spotted the May bug on the top leaves of the plant. Now the May Bug was either lower down in the plant when I purchased it or it had appeared from mine or neighbouring gardens. There had been a May Bug active at night during the week. It was good to see one so close up, I might add that I do not like to see them in flight, not many insects freak me out but
May Bugs!


  1. Great captures Pam. I remember being terrified by one of those as a child when it was crashing round my bedroom light shade!! Latterly, each year, I find one lying dead in or near the fireplace, always in the same room and oddly in a room we don't use much. There is usually no light in there at night so I have no idea what attracts them to the chimney!

  2. Thanks Jan!
    That must have been scary seeing one in your bedroom as a child!!!
    How strange seeing a dead one in a room each year!I have read that grubs spend up to 3 years underground before they pupate, you would think they would want the open air rather than a chimney after they have! Fascinating though!

  3. Eeeek!!!!
    Fantastic pictures Pam,they freak me out too......I hate anything flying at my face tho! lol
    I don't think I'd have been brave enough even to have taken the photo's!!

  4. Ha ha! It was quite docile Ruth or else I wouldn't have managed the!