Friday, 15 June 2012

Lime Hawk-moth....15/06/2012

This Lime Hawk-moth was found this morning on a carpark and was very docile, probably the strong winds and heavy rain overnight took it's toll on the moth. I kept it in a plastic box all day indoors to rest and early evening took a few photo's of it. It livened up a little so my plan was to release it this evening, I placed a couple of Buddleia leaves in the box thinking it may have a nibble at them, I have since read that the adult moth has no mouthparts and does not feed, it utilizes fats stored in it's body from it's caterpillar days. Not long after placing the leaves in the box the moth started to lay eggs! I have this evening released the moth in a dry safe place in my garden. I will put the sealed box with the eggs in the shed to keep the eggs cool and see what happens! The Lime Hawk-moth was a first for me and what a little stunner it was!


  1. Isn't it a beauty? A real stunner, you are lucky, I've only ever seen them in photos. It sounds like it was a good idea that you put the leaves in with it even though for a different reason. I didn't realise they don't need to eat that's fascinating!

    This atrocious weather really is having a devastating effect on wildlife. One of my blogger friends has a licence to do Dormouse surveys and each year when he checks the boxes he finds a fair number have been used by Blue and Great Tits. Yesterday he found that four of nine boxes had dead tit chicks (looking almost ready to fledge) in the nests caused presumably by a mixture of cold and lack of caterpillars, insects etc. so sad and I'm sure that is being repeated across the country.

    Sorry for the ramble...I'm rather good at it ;-)

  2. great little post. moths are something which i still have to investigate.

  3. Thanks Jan!
    That is really sad news but not wholly surprising with the dreadful weather we are enduring! I have not had many fledglings at all in my garden to date, a poor breeding year for many by the looks of it.
    I am also rather good at rambling but yours was very informative, thanks for the interesting information!

    Thanks John!
    I hope you see a few good moths, the tiniest of moths are so pretty when you have a close look at them and the bigger ones of course!

  4. I think Lime Hawkmoths are absolute stunners. It's funny you mention it being found on a carpark.

    I have a dead one (that I've kept in a specimen box) that I found on a multi-story in Stourbridge a few years back

  5. They must like tarmac!

    I am waiting patiently in the hope that the eggs hatch!

  6. What a wonderful creature Pam and how exciting for you to have the eggs too!
    Do you know how long you'll have to wait for them to hatch?

  7. I have read anything between a few days to a couple of weeks dependant on temperature Ruth! There is no sign of any movement!