Sunday, 22 January 2012

On the menu today....22/01/2012

On the menu today was a Feral Pigeon. The Female Sparrowhawk had passed through my garden a couple of times during the last week and today she stopped for a feed. Feathers are scattered around the lawn due to the wind blowing today. The Sparrowhawk eventually carried the remains of the Pigeon further down the garden and left it there, if the Fox visits it will enjoy a tasty supper! 11.33am


  1. If it were not for the number of portly pigeons I'm sure we would have far fewer birds of prey. If you find a pile of feathers it always seems to be the remains of some unfortunate pigeon.

  2. Portly Pigeons...I am guilty of helping to fatten them up!

  3. A super series of photo's of your Sparrowhawk Pam,gruesome yet compelling viewing too!
    Nice to be able to comment again!

  4. Thank you Ruth! An awesome bird to watch devouring it's prey, though I do agree it is a touch! I am pleased that you are able to comment again. I have changed my comments setting to 'pop up' which has solved the problem, well up to now it

  5. Nice captures, Pam. You were luck to get those images.

  6. Thanks Mike. My garden seems to be a magnet for Sparrowhawks, I spotted her again yesterday as she landed on the shed roof and then flew to a crab apple tree. I don't think she was as lucky this time, at least not in my garden. An amazing bird to have close views of.