Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Three 1st's Today!....20/03/2012

The first 1st being the first day of Spring, the second 1st being my first of the year Chiffchaff and the third 1st being my first of the year Barn Swallow! As the weather forecast was a good one I headed for Wassell Grove Pools this morning, it was a lovely morning with warm sunny spells though still rather cool in the shade. A Skylark lifted from a field and sang it's heart out as as it flew high above me, a joy to see and hear. Plenty of birdsong was heard with Robin, Blackbird and Dunnock being the main songsters. I spotted a Long-tailed Tit gathering feathers and close by was a delightful Goldcrest. I was thrilled to hear a Chiffchaff 'chiff chaffing' and eventually connecting with it, it really did make me feel that Spring had definitely arrived and to later see a Barn Swallow that was nearby on the way home was the icing on the cake! Hopefully the Swallows will also be back at Brake Mill Pools and Bunkers Hill soon. Birds also seen today were Wren, Chaffinch, Blue Tit, Great Tit, Bullfinch (pair), Songthrush, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Jay, Pheasant, Heron x2 and a Buzzard, with Green Woodpecker heard only. Today's walk was a great start to Spring!


  1. Sounds like a good day. its great hearing Chiffchaffs calling again.

    P.s. can you send the Bullfinches my way, they are a scarcity on my patch. I've only had 1 record in the last 5 years!!!

  2. Every year I get excited to see and hear the first Chiffchaff. For a week or two I'll be searching among the twigs and foliage for a glimpse of the restless songster, but then I'll start to disregard them. I shouldn't but I always do. One swallow doesn't make a summer but it can certainly make your day!

  3. Nice to read of your spring 1st's Pam! It was a lovely day wasn't it?
    I love the Heron pic where he's eye to eye with you!
    Super video too,you did well to keep up with his flitting and to capture the chiff chaffing as well is an added bonus!

  4. Goodness me you do need a few Bullfinches Jason! Tell you what, you send a Merlin my way and I will do my best with the Bullfinches.;-)

    One Swallow and a Chiffchaff certainly made my day John!

    It was a lovely day as today has also been Ruth! The Chiffchaff certainly led me a merry dance.lol!

    Thank you all for your kind comments.

  5. Hi Pam :-) The Heron is one of my favourite birds, I love their patient solitude. And what a treat to hear the Chiffchaff, well captured! I am still waiting for my first of the year, such a welcome sound.

  6. Hi Jan, Thank you for your kind comments. The Heron is sometimes a bird overlooked I feel much like a Dunnock for example! They are an amazingly plumaged bird when you take the time to study them in detail. Hope you get to see and hear your first of the year Chiffchaff very soon