Saturday, 7 April 2012

Brake Time....05/04/2012

I was once again hoping to find a local Ring Ouzel, without success but I nevertheless enjoyed a good walk in the sunshine. The usual species were seen on and around the Pool and the Cob Mute Swan was patrolling the water looking out for the Canada Geese! I heard my first of the year Willow Warbler by the railway emmbankment but could not locate it, great to hear all the same. A small flock of Greenfinch were good to see as they are thin on the ground in this area. The usual woodland birds were heard and seen and a Treecreeper gave great views as it scurried along a tree trunk a few feet away from me.


  1. I am yet to hear my first Willow Warbler Pam,keep looking for the just never know!
    Love the Treecreeper pic!

  2. Thanks Ruth.

    I doubt it will be long before you hear your first Willow Warbler! I will keep looking...when I get the time to go out birding that!