Friday, 27 April 2012


I sometimes get a mental block trying to think of a title, tonight I have had one of those 'sometimes' moments! Anyway, I thought I would post a few images that I have taken whilst out on a couple of recent walks taken in between the very wet and windy showers we have had this last week! . . My first sighting of a Mum and her Foal in 2012.
Mute Swan (Cob) off for a swim!
Mute Swan (Pen) keeping her 6 eggs warm. She had a walk around when the sun shone....yes it did shine occasionally...and the eggs were visible. I hope they all stay safe.
I believe this is a Garden Spider.
No need for me to name this bird I am sure, even though the image isn't! Great to see them back again, a photo is just a bonus!
Bugle Ajuga reptans
Cream-spot Ladybird
Harlequin Ladybird (I think).
I am not sure what family this Spider is from, maybe Web-Spinning? It was a very tiny spider.


  1. Nice images Pam.....I agree re titles,I often get stuck myself!
    Don't think I've ever seen a Cream Spotted Ladybird before.....well captured!

  2. Thank for your kind comments Ruth!

    The Cream Spotted Ladybird was on a fence post where there are literally hundreds (well almost) of Ladybirds and also in the vegetation behind the fence. I shall look out for any more interesting Ladybirds on my next visit to Brake Mill Pools.