Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Upton Warren....18/07/2010

It had been almost a month since my last visit to Upton Warren so an afternoon visit was decided on after garden jobs had been completed. The Moors was the first port of call with highlights being a Pyramidal Orchid in all it's glory, a lone Green Sandpiper, Common Tern and Oystercatcher, plenty of Canada Geese, Lapwings, Coots and Mallards, also a cute little humbug, a Great Crested Grebe chick!

Next port of call the Flashes! The Sailing Centre was bustling with people, no doubt some event had taken place today. A male Banded Demoiselle posed for a photo at a distance but a beautifully coloured female did not wish to pose today sadly! The flowers on Greater Burdock were almost open, they will look a treat when in full bloom. On approaching the feeding station hide I heard someone ask " can I see your permit"......a friendly "hello" in the first instance would I feel be more welcoming to visitors/members before being asked rather bluntly if they have a permit. Just my opinion.

Highlights at the Flashes were Green Sandpiper, L R P's and a chick, Curlew, Heron, Dunlin x2, Stock Dove, Goldfinch, Linnet (1), Long-tailed Tit and Jay x4.


  1. Some super images to accompany your latest report from Upton Pam........did you have your permit on you!?!? Rather abrupt wasn't it!!
    The Orchid must have been a super sight,you've certainly done it justice with your photograph!
    A nice Green Sandpiper too.......always nice to see something different isn't it!
    My Grandad would have been harvesting the Burdock,he was a herbalist and made the most wonderful Dandelion & Burdock drink.....mmmm I can still remember the smell and taste of it today.......thanks for jogging my memory!

  2. Yes...permit always carried. This is the second time of being asked in what I would say is an uncourteous approach.
    Glad you enjoyed viewing the Orchid photo, Ruth!

    I bet that was a treat with the Dandelion & Burdock, I am pleased to have brought back some happy memories for you.

    Thanks for your kind comments, Ruth! They are always appreciated.